Sunday, April 25, 2010

So I'm moving later this week. May is not going to be a month when I can get much modelling done, but I have hopes, because the rest of the summer is going to be totally dry with all my models in storage.

Anyway, 1st up, my entry in Heresy Online's painting contest:

Hell Knight Updates:

Getting the curved "neck piece" took a lot of thought, but eventually I used this pile of foamcore board circles, glued together. I sandwiched grey stuff between the plasticard front and a piece of aluminum mesh. Finally I put paper over that to prevent the grey-stuff from sticking to my hands or the foamcore while it dried. I think I did it the hard way, but it seems to have worked fairly well. The toothbrush will probably end up being the top part of the leg.

The secondary weapon, twin-linked heavy bolters, and the housing. I used magnets so I can switch the weapons out for other options if I make them later.

Finally, a I'm working on another contest piece for a bit tournament coming up locally. My plan is to make chicken walker legs for the dread from scratch, as well as a custom made CCW. I just think dreadnoughts look silly with their tiny legs and arms.