Friday, March 19, 2010

Plasmagunners, and Tanks!

Plasma is awesome. Let's throw that out there:

As you can see I also finished some more parts (with magnets), making my army all the more versatile.

Also, tanks! These have been painted for a while, but need some freehand.

The predator and rhino are fully magnetised so they can turn from rhino to predator, with any weapon loadout.

As for the Hell Knight. I've never worked on anything like this before, so I've been very tenuous. I think I have a solution to making the curved front piece that will be structurally sound. Unfortunately, I have nothing to show since it's basically going to have to come together at once. It's not going to be a few distinct pieces that can then be connected. It's really one big piece. I'm eager to get this thing done though.

The plan, is to use layers of foamcore as a sub-structure which will be the foundation for plasticard and milliput. Aluminum wire mesh will wrap the foamcore where necessary. Wood and wire will be beneath that to bear the weight of the model.

My main difficulty right now is how to attach a twin linked heavy bolter. It may involve cutting a piece of the hull out to mount the bolters. Anyway, it complicates things.

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