Friday, February 26, 2010

Slight Progress

It's been a busy time, despite being reading week. Nonetheless, I've finally figured out how to make the basic structure of the Hell Knight. The Knight will have a "spine" made of dowel with another dowel acting as an axel between the legs. The spine will be the main structure of the model with the body below it made from an undetermined material. The head and tail will attach to either side of the dowel.

The main progress has been on the design of the neck. Here's the neck guard:

I'm planning on making it a tapering curve up to where the head will sit. However, I may also decide to fold it like the cardboard template. The neck will have a dowel running behind it and I will use wire mesh on the back to support details and probably some bitz, and the remaining surface will be covered with a smooth layer of milliput or maybe even more plasticard depending on the final shape.

I'm still working on my plasmagun marines (I am a slow painter, and need to step it up).

In any case, here's some more minis. First, my sorcerer:

Terminators. All their arms are magentised (which is why there appears to be a gap on the champ. It's fine on the table. The champion can change his banner pole for whatever I want.

Some rank and file marines.

I need a dremel tool. It would just make things easier. It's something to think about.

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